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April 9, 1942

This was the day of our Surrender to the Japanese. Oh, how plenty and strong they are? There’s no question about their might. They were kind and helpful to us. This day I was taken by them to drive a truck up to Mariveles.
The officer I went with was kind and friendly giving me food and cigarettes. At 5:00 A.M. I parted from him & joined my comrades walking along the dreary road. With loads of little clothing and ration and with intense heat, coldness and tiredness, What a picture was the provincial road of Bataan? It was frightful pityful, and fearful to anyone away from the Front. We spend 4 days walking up to O’Donnell Camp. From Orani to Capaz [Capas], Tarlac, we were however given a ride. The saddest part of our travel was when a Japanese soldier on our way took my cash of two hundred fifty five bucks and my Gruen wrist watch valued at one hundred twenty bucks.