Wed. Feb. 7, 1945

Ret. to Santo Maria. 0

Tue. Feb. 6, 1945

Lv Santa Maria 3:40 PM, arr. Umingan 5:00. 0

Tue. Jan. 30, 1945

Lv Concepcion 9:00 AM, rep’t to G.O. PCAU #3 at Santa Maria, Pang. 5:30 PM. 0

April 12, 1899

Everything quiet both on lines and in town. Santa Cruz was captured by Lawton with no trouble & Santa Maria by Oregon & Minn. Ornegas* [Our niggers]  have caused so much trouble & murdered so many of our boys that they recognize them no longer but shoot on sight all natives. Natives will not or cannot understand kind & civilized …

January 11-13, 1897

We went to Angat because we received word that the town would be attacked, but such did not happen. There we found reinforcements of 200 men coming from Santa Maria. Later, we went to Layang-Layang, which was totally burned by the Spaniards. At dawn the next day, we proceeded to Bustos, where we captured Captain Jugo’s volunteers. On the 12th …

January 1, 1897

At dawn today we received word that the enemy was going to attack us. It is hardly necessary to say that we immediately prepared ourselves for the attack. The sun had hardly risen when we saw at the distance a seemingly endless line of enemy troops coming from San Rafael, placing themselves on the left flank of our troops coming …