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January 1, 1897

At dawn today we received word that the enemy was going to attack us. It is hardly necessary to say that we immediately prepared ourselves for the attack.

The sun had hardly risen when we saw at the distance a seemingly endless line of enemy troops coming from San Rafael, placing themselves on the left flank of our troops coming from Kakaron. Later those who came from Bigaa arrived posting themselves in front, and those who came from Santa Maria on thew right side towards our troops, in this manner:

  Sugarcane Field of H. Jugo  
San Rafael Real Paliguid Santa Maria
  Bigaa and Bulacan  

With the arrival of those coming from Santa Maria, their officials ordered the attack on the Fort. They began to discharge their ammunitions. Within the span of 40 minutes there was no accident on our side, inasmuch as the Katipuneros were well protected. The enemy, on the other hand, attempted to ascend the Fort in imminent danger of death and inspite of the small number of casualties in their ranks. Not much time transpired until we saw them begin to appear in our Fort. The firing became more intense. Those of us who answered the enemy fire numbered no more than ten. Our armed men who were taken by surprise, equally suffered much casualties.

As regards myself, I need not say here how I fought. Those who saw me fight can say so. A bullet from a Mauser grazed my forehead, but thank God the damage was negligible. I had to ultimately leave the Fort because when I sought my valiant comrades (of the Katipunan) they were nowhere to be found but this need not cause embarrassment. To save oneself is God’s command. I spent the night in barrio Manatal.