December 30, 1900

At 8 a.m. a solemn funeral ceremony in memory of the grand Rizal was celebrated in the church, all the field and line officers and soldiers who could be spared from duty having participated in the same, as well as the people of the town. Señor Barcelona delivered an oration touching upon the biography of the illustrious dead man. 0

August 27, 1900

Everything being conveniently prepared, in order to cause a failure of the Americans’ plans of attack we, at 5.30 a.m., abandoned this camp of “Tierra Virgen,” after having lived there peacefully for two months and twenty-one days. Capt. Juan H. Pilar, chief, and Señors Villareal, Carasco, Catindig, Subido, Ruis, de Leon, and the greater part of the soldiers remained behind …

May 20th, 1900

The President visited Major Panel in his military installation this morning. While we three were gathered together, we suddenly heard the sound of slapping. I went to see what was the matter. Major Jeciel of the infantry, an aide of the Captain General, blinded with anger, was slapping and kicking a soldier of Major Panel’s column. The President felt nervous …

May 17th, 1900

When we woke up this morning, an Igorot told me that the Americans were to be found in Sumadell, the next ranchería. Upon being informed of this, the President ordered us to be prepared to resume the trip. A messenger who had been dispatched to verify the news, informed us that the enemy was already in Mabuntot, the settlement next …

May 14th, 1900

We received letters from Manila; from [illegible] dated April 6. From General Tinio’s letter, I was informed of the death of Miguel Aguinaldo. Without any precaution taken, this letter was read before the President. It made him sigh and say, “For the country.” 0

February 15th, 1900

Left Sili for Banabá; night was spent in open camp; continuing the journey the following day, we found Banabá deserted. We, therefore, continued to Balinsugan and from there to Mabalao, which we found without inhabitants, since they had fled to the woods. We spent the night here. On the following day 0

February 11th, 1900 (Sunday)

About 3:30 o’clock a.m., we left camp at Oscaris. At night, after fording a little river, we slept in open camp. Continuing the journey the following day, we arrived at the ranchería of Sili about 4 p.m., Monday, the 12th. 0

February 5th, 1900 (Monday)

We rose early; the day was gloomy, the sky cloudy, rain threatened, and there was also quite a wind. 0

February 4th, 1900

Sunday. About midday, we were informed that the Americans were in Camarag; so we placed ourselves on the alert. Later, this was contradicted. We were told that the Americans, leading a convoy, had gone back on account of the presence of scattered Filipino forces from the town of Cordon in the mountains of San Luis. About 4 p.m. the town …