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May 17th, 1900

When we woke up this morning, an Igorot told me that the Americans were to be found in Sumadell, the next ranchería. Upon being informed of this, the President ordered us to be prepared to resume the trip. A messenger who had been dispatched to verify the news, informed us that the enemy was already in Mabuntot, the settlement next to our camp.

It must have been 10 o’clock on the morning of the 17th when we left Lubuagan. We passed through Guinaan to join forces with Major Panel. In the afternoon, we marched towards the east. We spent the evening in Cagaranan; the next day, the 18th, we advanced to Naneng, where we spent the noon hours; and then proceeded and slept on the way in a small ranchería. At dawn of the 19th we marched again and reached Anubanlan in the afternoon, where we encamped.