10 November 1944

Five GQs early this morning and one short GQ about 1915. 0

9 November 1944

A couple GQs is all today. Our two Jap prisoners taken off the ship today. 0

8 November 1944

Another quiet day. 0

7 November 1944

Two young Jap prisoners brought aboard today. Nothing exciting except for a couple short GQs. 0

1-7 November 1944

Much the same as before with Japs becoming scarcer each day but still making nightly appearances one at a time. This was more or less just nuisance raids to keep us up at night.   0

6 November 1944

0033 GQ — secured 0125. Just about noon just outside my stateroom there was a loud commotion like kids arguing. On looking out I found a naval officer hollering and cursing up a storm. Chaplain Crowell stepped out to tell him to quiet down but the officer became more valiant and struck the Chaplain a hard blow to the chin. …

5 November 1944

A very unusual quite day. 0

4 November 1944

Started with usual morning GQ. 1310 GQ – secured 1400 2115 GQ – secured 0515 (11-5-44) Japs trying to break in but AA fire too heavy. Japs bombed one US PT boat and blew it to bits. No known survivors. 0

3 November 1944

GQ in early morning, no damage. 1745 GQ — secured 1945 1955 GQ — secured 2115 2315 GQ — secured 0645 (11/4/44) Japs trying to bomb air strip on Leyte — little damage — no dope on number of Jap planes down. 0