10 May 1942

— On detail at Stotsenburg — Didn’t get to buy a thing due to misconduct of soldiers beyond my control. Returned to Camp at 6 — General and Colonels left in Am. Rumors thick & fat on my return. None sound possible. W.O. Anderson died — 32 others.

9 May 1942

Breakfast cut & no sugar. Lunch good, dinner weak on rice — broth good. Heard that W.O. Anderson is dying. Gave Col. G. the watch he gave ME.

May 7, 1942

— Will begin a log of rumors in order to amuse myself. Cooler last 2 days. Gen. Brougher inspected Casual Area this morning. Back still very uncomfortable — great loss of sleep from trying to sleep on the floor.

May 6, 1942

— Many versions of the “exchange” are floating around. We pay little attention but they are good to listen to despite the part that there isn’t any logic in the whole thing. The Rumor has now reached its peak — 30,000 on the way out here & we are to be out by May 23!!!! So you can see how they stretch one little rumor. Assigned to go out with ration details soon. Rumor — Generals & Col’s to be moved elsewhere — Back a bit better but still extremely weak.

May 5, 1942

— Rumors too numerous to record — All false but one is wild enough — to merit writing down. Some driver reported that Manila papers say an exchange is under way & that the Japanese internees are already on their way to the Coast to boats!! Whether the deal includes us or not is an issue. We do need proteins as all are fairly weak. Hill sent a fine piece of coconut candy tonight — Rumors are worse here than they were in Bataan.

May 4, 1942

Gave Col G. half of my soap & half (2) of my cigarettes. Hill sent a cigar for me I gave the Sp Troops gang 1 Vita-Kap each. Next issue May 7.