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April 23 Sunday New York 1933

Rox, Sabido, Tirona, Osias and I met Quezon and party arriving on the “Ile de France.”  When Q landed, he and Rox walked away arm in arm.  Q seemed sore.  I stayed to help the others – a motley group  – and others joined Q at the Waldorf Astoria where he was openly discussing the bill with Arthur & Switzer.  We joined Osmeña at Towers? Restaurant and then returned to the Waldorf where McIntyre also conferred with Q – I went to the New Yorker  for a much needed rest.  I understand that later Q also saw Morgan Shuster who gave him a good talking down.

In the eve we dined with  Vm…Portman, A…and Z… at the Paradise where we saw a very risqué floor show in the Paradise Restaurant and Cabaret.  Then to a movie witih  Varona…? at the “New Roxy,” which did not impress me having first seen the Music Hall yesterday.

After hearing bits of Quezon’s remarks to  O… S,  Osias and Roxas I are optimistic about the leaders reaching a satisfactory  agreement.  I understand that early this aft while I was with Osmeña & Quezon, Roxas gathered the others into our suite  in the Waldorf and gave them such a talk on the bill such as they had never heard before. There was to be little or no opposition from them. I don’t know why Q brought them along.