Dec. 3rd 1899

We left San Fernando at 6 A.M. in a Gov’t wagon with the biggest fool driving that ever drove a government mule: came through Bacalos [Bacoor] Beata & Gwagwa[Guagua] (passed near Santa Rita and Lubao) to Florida Blanca getting here about 3 P.M. Around Lubao is the best country I’ve seen. I saw natives harvesting rice today. They cut it …

Pumping Station, Aug. 7th, Monday, 1899

Left Bacoor on 3d: remained in Manila till morning of 5th, when reported here — 10 mi. e. of Manila — for duty with new Regt. 21st: am Captain of “B” Company — 4 cos. here commanded by Capt. Bonesteel, balance of Regt. at Calamba where we expect soon to move. Heavy rains daily for last week. Am practically well. …

Saturday, July 29, 1899

Returned to duty today: am not well but am getting better daily. 0

Monday, July 24th, 1899

Rode to Manila on Friday 14th. meeting Lt Miles at Las Pinas by agreement & going in together to turn over to me E. company property. Miles returned Sunday & I Monday. Was taken very ill with cramps & dysentery immediately on return & am just getting around again. Exceedingly heavy rains last Monday night & throughout Tuesday: has done …

July 11th, ’99 (Tuesday)

Position at bridge became untenable through danger of freshet in Imus & Bacoor Rivers and heavy rains for last few days. Rainy season proper set in about first of month, though there were frequent rains since June 1st. Brought company into town leaving small guard at bridge. 0

June 30th, 1899

Ordered to hold present positions indefinitely –have sent in for a few articles to make myself & command as comfortable as possible. 0

MANILA, P.I., June 27, 1899.

DEAR CHAUNCEY: Your letter dated June the 7th reached me on June 23, while we were camped near Blockhouse number Cinco, not far from the Baligbalig [Balic-Balic] road which goes into Manila from the trenches. The next day being one of my most memorable of days, —my birthday,—I had made arrangements to visit the city and have a little dinner …

Sunday, June 25, 1899

My Batt’n returned to Bacoor, my company being posted as outpost at bridge over Bacoor river south of the town. One Batt’n of regt. now at Paranaque & Las Pinas, one at Bacoor and one at Imus where the entire 4th. is also stationed. 0

Jueves 14 de Julio 1898

Hace tres días que hay completo silencio en la línea de defensa de día y de noche. Circulan noticias muy variadas sobre la escuadra de Cámara y Cervera que muchos suponen viene para acá. (…) De Aguinaldo sabemos por conducto fidedigno que ha abandonado á Cavite y se ha instalado en Bacoor, para sustraerse á la continua vigilancia de los …