March 30, 1959

Manila Airport, 5 am. The I.S.’s [Igor Stravinsky’s] count their baggage—ras, dva, tri, chetiry—over and over, like rosary beads. The U.S. Cultural Attaché, a Mr. Morris, accompanies us to the Manila Hotel, where a dozen eager porters pack us into our rooms. Old Manila is black and grim, except for pretty lattices and grilles, and the translucent mother-of-pearl “capiz,” or …

April 17, 1939

Secretary Vargas has called me on the phone several times to ask about particular subjects and each time has told me he has been instructed by the President to have me re-detailed to Malacañan. (Contact duty requiring about 30 minutes per day.) I have told him time and again that I have no objection to doing the work, just as …

December 26th, 1899

Left Banawe at 8 a.m. for Ambayuan; arrived at noon. 0

December 21st, 1899

The family departed for Ambayoan at 7:30 am., followed by us at the summit of Mount Polis. The following rooming we joined them at Ambayoan. The family (of the President) decided, after several uncertain moments, to surrender in Talubing, which surrender took place on the evening of the 24th. We returned to Banawe at 3:25 o’clock in the morning and …

December 5th, 1899

Left for Talubing, through Ambayoan, and Banawe, arriving there at 7 in the evening.     0