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Jan. 6, 1942

Col. Green, PC, arrived and ordered us to keep going, he did not care where. Said he had never been sworn into Federal service and did not intend to take orders from me. Tried to reason with him. Said we could not stay at either Banaue or Kiangan. Said he had to leave Bontoc as there was no food there. I asked his advise as to where to go. He said he did not know or care. I refused to moved and said we would stay if I had to be cooperative. Did not interfere further. Am sorry, but am afraid I have made a bad enemy. Just could not help it the, had no other recourse. He had repaired all the roads from Bontoc to Ibalao gate that Gen MacArthur had ordered demolished, this in order to bring his family of eight from Bontoc to Kiangan. Hope we have no further contact as I am afraid that he will inconvenience me if he can.