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March 26, 1970 Thursday


11:45 PM

March 26, 1970

I write this while waiting for the family from Visita Iglesia which I could not attend from security reasons. Talked to Moon Park of Phil-Asia on the possibility of his extending financing for the establishment of Trading Centers for tobacco in the north, grading the tobacco (Virginia) for export and thus developing our export industry, cutting out the anomalies in the trading of Virginia tobacco specially in the grading, the ultimate withdrawal of subsidy to tobacco (in three years I hope) as well as his company financing the purchases of Virginia tobacco by PVTA. We also took up the development of a railroad in Mindanao and the development of West Irian which attracts me as it is completely raw land we could attend to when I retire.

Looks like Blas Ople’s story of a coup d’etat is false. Everything is quiet.

I went to Ilocos Norte by plane with Gen. Singson of the Air Force, Federico Ablan, Jr., CAA Administrator and my usual party. Arrived at 8:45 AM and left at 11:45 AM for San Fernando, La Union as I did not need to go to Manila and I could not go to the Cagayan Valley as they are not there. Took lunch in Poro Point. Joe Aspiras served us abuus (bee’s eggs) and ararusip, kibitzed on Bongbong and the boys practicing swimming, took a nap after meeting with the political leaders and after a news interview returned to Baguio by car at 4:30 PM to arrive 6:00 PM.

Lt. Col. Lapena went on a dry run to Banawe and does not recommend my using the helicopter from Baguio to Banawe but instead from Bagabag to Banawe which is only a twenty minute ride.