Jan. 10, 1945

Rather quiet day with moderate air activity – thus all personnel in and out of buildings due to frequent ringing of bell. Conference with Col. Vanderboget and Col. J.S. Craig concerning Franz Weisblatt, supposedly a U.P. correspondent. He is a trouble maker talks too much, is always taking down information and witnesses names etc. However, he has caused no great trouble here since I took over before he went to Ft. McKinley or since returning. He did cause trouble out there and Capt Shaw wishes him committed for mental observation. I am having him transferred to another ward for another chance as I do not believe he is psychopatic but simply ordinary. He does have paranoia trends in that he thinks someone has it in for him. Talked with Sgt. friend tonight.

December 25, 1944

Christmas Day – very successful – candy and prunes lugao with extra rice flour hoarded issue (150 given per man instead of usual 125 gm.) and chocolate malted milk, hot drink with 15 cans of evaporated milk added.

At 9; 00 AM. I had Col. Vanderboget M.C. Com. McCrucken U.S.N. and Maj McLaughlin U.S.A. as a board for lottery of 58 added gifts. These were distributed all over the compound. At 10:00 A.M. the Wards started drawing their baskets and it took 1-2 hours for each word to distribute their products by raffle and issue. The Staff Officers including Warrants took from 11-1:00 P.M. Everyone seemed very pleased and morale is definitely better today.

A. R. (slight) about 11:00 A.M. Dinner about 3:00 P.M. of large rice issue, soup (beans meal and bouillon) a steamed camote, hot chocolate (15 cans more milk) and a baked camote – fruit pudding. Sorry there was no meat. The Officers had mango beans in their mess a chocolate cake from Bats Reynolds,
little chocolate muffin from the chaplain. Coffee all day, extra amarican cigarettes (also Reynolds), a butter cream pie (Sgt. Owen etc.etc.).

At 4:00 P.M. a conference with, Capt. Nogi and two more with him – before six P.M. relative to moving all personnel and installations including mess from outer to inner compound – this to start tomorrow.

December 23, 1944

Same, regular Saturday inspection at 9:00 A.M. The area seems much smaller now, that there are only four wards to inspect in this compound and only two in the outer compound.

The ‘”packages” are being examined and separated today under Capt. Brenner’s supervision and with Col. Vanderboget to check. All food products are being issued to the mess; toilet articles in one pile. clothing in another etc. etc. The letter will be issued to those most needing it. then other items will be prorated, raffled etc. A large percentage of the food products is spoiled. but the mass will salvage what it can. There may be a very small issue of cigarettes (ten per man) from those in good condition. and possibly enough coffee to go around X’mas morning.

A.R. with L.B. at 10:15 A.M. this of course, largely holds up work and routine hospital activities.