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December 23, 1944

Same, regular Saturday inspection at 9:00 A.M. The area seems much smaller now, that there are only four wards to inspect in this compound and only two in the outer compound.

The ‘”packages” are being examined and separated today under Capt. Brenner’s supervision and with Col. Vanderboget to check. All food products are being issued to the mess; toilet articles in one pile. clothing in another etc. etc. The letter will be issued to those most needing it. then other items will be prorated, raffled etc. A large percentage of the food products is spoiled. but the mass will salvage what it can. There may be a very small issue of cigarettes (ten per man) from those in good condition. and possibly enough coffee to go around X’mas morning.

A.R. with L.B. at 10:15 A.M. this of course, largely holds up work and routine hospital activities.