October 9, 1972

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11:50 PM

Oct. 9, 1972


Malacañan Palace


We are still in a state of rapture from the congratulations that O have received from abroad and in the Philippines for the TV Meet the Press show of Spivak. An example of which is the wire of Sec. Romulo which I attach.

Earl Mayo said over long distance that “The President threw them out of the ballpark.”

And Mr. Sharon said, “They did not touch him at all. He was too fast.”

And here “Talagang magaling.” This is from Gagalangin.

This morning I met the Oil corporation executives on oil exploration. We are going to open the government reserves and to the discoverer of oil the government collects only 12 1/2% royalty and 50% tax on the net income and on all succeeding explorers 15% royalty and a 50% tax on net oncome. No joint ventures.


Oct. 9th (Con’t)

Malacañan Palace


Took up the matter of copper smelters and taxes.

Tonight I devoted the study of the possibility of declaring all rice and corn lands in excess of a required family lot to be owned by the tenants and to be paid with the 25% share every harvest of such tenant for a period of ten years.

This will certainly revolutionize our society and create an immediate impact on the economy.

October 8,1972


3:30 AM Oct. 9th

Oct. 8, 1972


Malacañan Palace


We are still in Euphoria because of the Spivak Meet the Press Show by satellite in Washington and thru KBS in my study in Malacañan.

Are you peacefully going to transfer authority in 1973?

How long will martial law be?

What have you done to narrow the gap of the rich and poor?

Are you one of the wealthiest men in the Philippines and Asia?


My only regret was “It was too short” –only 30 minutes –actually about 25 minutes.

October 7, 1972


1:00 AM, Oct 8th

Oct. 7, 1972


Malacañan Palace


Have been busy finishing the Reform Program.

We have to revise the targets and the plans.

And the NBC people with Liz Trotta, the Singapore-based NBC correspondent and panelist in the Spivak Meet the Press show tomorrow night, have been busy preparing my study for the interview at 12:30 PM.

But played golf this afternoon with Miniong Disini and Gen. Romy Espino to keep my weight down. I believe I have been able to bring it down to 132 1/2 from 136 pds.

Time and Newsweek have better balanced stories this week. Time quote Aquino (Sen. Benigno) from the Far Eastern Review to the effect that the country would be willing to have a Lee Kwan Yu or Chung Hee Park and some short-cuts.

October 5, 1972

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12:00 PM

Oct. 5, 1972


Malacañan Palace


Devoted time to Cotabato (Blah and Esther Sinsuat and Datu Puti their son), Dr. Charles Mosebrooke, the advance party of Larry Spivak for the Meet the Press show, Com. Aquino of the Com. on Highways on the highways program and the new decrees.

But I spent most of my time on the tax measures specially the reorganization of the BIR and the amendments to the Internal Revenue Code.

Ordered the suspension of capital gains provided the gains are invested in a productive enterprise or deposits it in a bank, rules to be issued by the Com. of Internal Revenue.

Met the leaders of the Concon delegates, Bibit Duavit, Ding Quintos and Von Yaneza on the schedule of their activities and the Interim government.

The Concon through its officers and some members have requested ₱4.5 million for their expenses up to January which I granted. This means that even Pres. Macapagal recognizes the legality of my legislating by decree.



Oct. 5th (Con’t)

Malacañan Palace


I notice some worry creeping into the voices of the children over the telephone and into their letters.

So I have sent them letters assuring them of the success of martial law and how safe it is here now, enclosing clippings from here and foreign sources.

Worked on an integrated approach to food prices with Sec. Benny Tanco who was also concerned that he may be arrested as his wife has told him she heard news from unimpeachable sources.

And worked on the organization of a Movement for a New Society.

October 3, 1972


12:15 PM

Oct. 3, 1972


Malacañan Palace


The threat from the clergy specially the Jesuits is not as bad as it first seemed.

But I have ordered the release of all the clergy who have been detained to allow a review of their cases. In Greater Manila Fathers Lagermay, Floresca, and Rabang were released and have offered to help in the Reformation and the building of the New Society. In Mindanao I have ordered the release of Father Vincent Cullen in Bukidnon. Father Donelan calls him a true missionary. The same is true of the parish priest of Mons. Lino Gonzaga.

Today I increased the meal allowance of enlisted men of the Armed Forces from four pesos to five pesos a day.

And brought the Sulu leaders, both Nacionalista and Liberals, to pledge to support the New Society. And appeared before TV.

Worked on the questions for the Spivak show next Sunday.

In the evening I met Father Jose Cruz Father Rector of Ateneo University on the clergy.

And was interviewed by Jack — and Lee Lescaze of the Los Angeles Times and Washington Post respectively.

October 2, 1972

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11:30 PM

Oct. 2, 1972


Malacañan Palace



We are now watching the development of opposition among the clergy, possibly the nuns the Free Farmers Federation and the Christian Socialist Movement.

So the opening of the schools in the high school and college levels have to be postponed. For there would be an opportunity to congregate and prepare for demonstrations.

But we must not arrest any of the bishops, although we must be firm in stopping any subversion that may crop up.

From abroad —

I have agreed to appear in the Meet the Press show of Larry Spivak on Oct. 8, 1972 at 12:30 AM New York time which will be about midnight Sunday here.

The Durdin story in the New York Times of the inrerview of Sec. Ponce Enrile, Gens.



Oct. 2nd (Con’t)

Malacañan Palace


Espino and Ramos to the effect that the military has not taken over but will continue to obey the civil authority; that the people are surrendering their guns, there is peace and order and they are supporting the president to a man because they are obeying the constitution.

And Lee Lescaze of the Washington Post has reversed himself and sent in a story that if a vote were taken today, an overwhelming majority of the Filipino people would support me in my decision proclaiming martial law.

The support from all quarters continues and I meet the Sulu Moslem leaders who have indicated support, tomorrow at 10:00 AM.

I met the Think Tank for the first time today –Ting Paterno, Armand Fabella, Gerry Sicat, Naring Orosa, Bobby Benedicto, Leo Virata, Adrian Cristobal etc.



Oct. 2nd (Con’t)

Malacañan Palace


I attach the list of specific programs. Although we should postpone Nos. 1 and 2.

Signed the Oil Exploration (Service Contract) Decree, and the reduction of the Stock Transfer Tax of 2% to 1/4%.

And I ordered the study of the suspension of the capital gains tax if the gains are invested in productive enterprise or deposited in a bank.

The realignment of banks and insurance companies must follow.