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October 3, 1972

12:15 PM

Oct. 3, 1972


Malacañan Palace


The threat from the clergy specially the Jesuits is not as bad as it first seemed.

But I have ordered the release of all the clergy who have been detained to allow a review of their cases. In Greater Manila Fathers Lagermay, Floresca, and Rabang were released and have offered to help in the Reformation and the building of the New Society. In Mindanao I have ordered the release of Father Vincent Cullen in Bukidnon. Father Donelan calls him a true missionary. The same is true of the parish priest of Mons. Lino Gonzaga.

Today I increased the meal allowance of enlisted men of the Armed Forces from four pesos to five pesos a day.

And brought the Sulu leaders, both Nacionalista and Liberals, to pledge to support the New Society. And appeared before TV.

Worked on the questions for the Spivak show next Sunday.

In the evening I met Father Jose Cruz Father Rector of Ateneo University on the clergy.

And was interviewed by Jack — and Lee Lescaze of the Los Angeles Times and Washington Post respectively.