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October 5, 1972

12:00 PM

Oct. 5, 1972


Malacañan Palace


Devoted time to Cotabato (Blah and Esther Sinsuat and Datu Puti their son), Dr. Charles Mosebrooke, the advance party of Larry Spivak for the Meet the Press show, Com. Aquino of the Com. on Highways on the highways program and the new decrees.

But I spent most of my time on the tax measures specially the reorganization of the BIR and the amendments to the Internal Revenue Code.

Ordered the suspension of capital gains provided the gains are invested in a productive enterprise or deposits it in a bank, rules to be issued by the Com. of Internal Revenue.

Met the leaders of the Concon delegates, Bibit Duavit, Ding Quintos and Von Yaneza on the schedule of their activities and the Interim government.

The Concon through its officers and some members have requested ₱4.5 million for their expenses up to January which I granted. This means that even Pres. Macapagal recognizes the legality of my legislating by decree.

I notice some worry creeping into the voices of the children over the telephone and into their letters.

So I have sent them letters assuring them of the success of martial law and how safe it is here now, enclosing clippings from here and foreign sources.

Worked on an integrated approach to food prices with Sec. Benny Tanco who was also concerned that he may be arrested as his wife has told him she heard news from unimpeachable sources.

And worked on the organization of a Movement for a New Society.