Thursday, April 27th, 1899

We had a heavy Rain all Night had regular Drill recieved a smal Mail the Sheridan left taken with her lots of Mail I send 6 letters some Filipnio Books wich are Relics from Malolas and 3 pair of Slippers she had 950 men (discharged) on Board of her 12 men from Tenth from wich 2 where from C. Co Robert Griffith and W. Collins Albert McMaster T. Knight Wm Insly and Frank Kelly are in the Hospital here at Cavite and Ashcraft Wm Howard W Engelhard, Coriner and Benny Miller are at Manila the rest of our Wounded are in Company Quarters of duty and about 12 are laid up with sore Feet and Leg good many suffer with the Darby Itch most of our Boys are drawing new Blue Uniforms and Underwear I went on Guard at 5 o Clock it was a beautifull Night it is reportet that a heavy Battle was fought at Columpit over 600 Niggers Killed and verry smal losses on our Side.

We had a heavy rain all night. We had regular drills. We received a small mail. The Sheridan left taking with her lots of mail. I sent six letters, some Filipino books which are relics from Malolos and three pairs of slippers. She also had 950 men (discharged) on board, twelve of which were from the Tenth. From Company C were Company Robert Griffith and William Collins. Albert McMasters, Daniel Knight, William Insley and Frank Kelley are in the hospital here at Cavite. Charles Ashcraft, William Howard W. Englehart, Louis Coyner and Benny Miller are at Manila. The rest of our wounded are in company quarters off duty and about twelve are laid up with sore feet and legs. A good many suffer with the Darby Itch. Most of our boys are drawing new blue uniforms and underwear. I went on guard at 5 o’clock. It was a beautiful night. It is reported that a heavy battle was fought at Calumpit. Over 600 niggers killed and very small losses on our side.

Wednesday, April 26th, 1899

It has raigned all Night and the Morning is nice and refreshing many Battles have been fought near Malolas 5 of us had a pass to Manila I spent most of the train with my german Friend and returned to the Boat at 4 p.m. befor we went on the Train arrived from Malolas with 6 men Killed and 48 wounded and also many Rebels (wounded) all where put aboard the Hospital Ship and taken to first Reserve Hospital on Monday the same troops had lost 8 men wher Killed several drowned and 40 wounded and some wounded

It has rained all night and the morning is nice and refreshing. Many battles have been fought near Malolos. Five of us had a pass to Manila. I spent most of the train ride with my German friend and returned to the boat at 4:00 p.m. Before we went on, the train arrived from Malolos with six men killed and 48 wounded and also many rebel wounded. All were put aboard the hospital ship and taken to the First Reserve Hospital. On Monday the same troops lost eight men who were killed, several drowned and 40 wounded.

Tuesday, April 25th, 1899

Weather is clear but hot regular Drill furnich 12 Guards and Patrol in the afternoon I was detailed to goe after Meat to the Meat Boat allthough the Water was rough and excitment high we returned safely at 7 pm our Ration are poor and much disatisfaction prevails among the Boys

The weather is clear but hot. We had regular drills. We furnished twelve for guard duty and patrol. In the afternoon I was detailed to go after meat to the meat boat. Although the water was rough and excitement high, we returned safely at 7:00 p.m. Our rations are poor and there is much dissatisfaction prevails.

Monday, April 24th, 1899

Weather fine we goe trough regular Routine of Drills but suspended Evening Drills on account the awfull Heat Lt Barnett has Comand of the Regiment while Col Hawkins acts as General Marshal of Cavite and Lt Colter of I Co acts as Provost Marshal we furnich 11 for Guard and 2 Corp and one Sergt most of all of us take a Swim in the Bay either Morning or Night Mail leaves via Hong Konk 6 wounded men are of duty 8 in the Hospital and a Number are sick in Quarters 34 of duty

The weather is fine. We go through regular routine of drills but suspended evening drills on account of the awful heat. Lieutenant Barnett has command of the regiment while Colonel Hawkins acts as General Marshal of Cavite and Lieutenant Colonel Colter of I Company acts as Provost Marshal. We furnish eleven men for guard duty and two corporals and a sergeant. Most of us took a swim in the bay either morning or night. Mail left for Hong Kong. Six wounded men are off duty. Eight are in the hospital and a number are sick in quarters, 34 off duty.

Sunday, April 23rd, 1899

Weather lovely and a fine Breese is blowing we have Service at 1030 a.m. in Bible Class at 3 pm. and Praise Service at 7 p.m. recieved a smal Mail at 9 p.m.

The weather is lovely and a fine beeze is blowing. We have service at 10:30 a.m. and Bible class at 3:00 p.b. and Praise Service at 7:00 p.m. Received a small mail at 9:00 p.m.

Saturday, April 22nd, 1899

Weather is fine this being Saturday we have nothing to do
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Regular Routine of Buisness
first Call 530 a.m.
Reveilly 540 “”
Assembly 545 “”
Mess Call 605 “”
Drill 655 “”
Assembly 700 “”
Sick Call 745 “”
Drill Recall 800 “”
Patrol 910 “”
Mess Call 1150 “”
first Sergent Call 100 p.m.
Roll Call 430 “”
Guard Mount 500 “”
Assembly 510 “”
Dress Parade or Drill 555 “”
Recall 700 “”
Tattoo 830 “”
Call to Quarters 845 “”
Tapps (lights out) 900 “”
but have Inspection of Arms and also Quarters I am now with the Company having quitt on my own account the Comisary spent most of the day in reading and writing

Weather is fine. This being a Saturday, we have nothing to do (forward to after routine list) Regular Routine of Business
0530 First Call
0540 Reveille
0545 Assembly
0605 Mess Call
0655 Drill
0700 Assembly
0745 Sick Call
0800 Drill Recall
0910 Patrol
1150 Mess Call
1300 First Sergeant’s Call
1630 Roll Call
1700 Guard Mount
1710 Assembly
1755 Dress Parade or Drill
1900 Recall
2030 Tattoo
2045 Call to Quarters
2100 Taps (Lights Out)
but have inspection of arms and also quarters. I am now with the Company and have quit, on my own account, the Commissary. Spent most of the day reading and writing.

Friday, April 21st, 1899

Weather is fine the regular Routine of drills goes in affect to day 9 men of each Co goe on Guard and Patrol and the same amount wich consist of the old Guard do partack Duty and 5 men recieve a Pass good to goe to Manila in the Evening we recieved Mail I recieved 5 letters and some papers

The weather is fine. The regular routine of drills goes into effect. Today nine men from each company go on guard and patrol and the same amount, which consists of the old guard, do partack(?) duty and five men receive a pass good to go to Manila. In the evening we received mail. I received five letters and some papers.

Wednesday, April 19th, 1899

Weather is fine and we are resting but several Orders are read to us the regular routine of Buisness will comence on the 20th inst the Colonel made a trip across to Manila

The weather is fine. We are resting but several orders are read to us. The regular routine of business will commence on the 20th. the Colonel [Alexander Hawkins] made a trip across Manila.