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Monday, April 24th, 1899

Weather fine we goe trough regular Routine of Drills but suspended Evening Drills on account the awfull Heat Lt Barnett has Comand of the Regiment while Col Hawkins acts as General Marshal of Cavite and Lt Colter of I Co acts as Provost Marshal we furnich 11 for Guard and 2 Corp and one Sergt most of all of us take a Swim in the Bay either Morning or Night Mail leaves via Hong Konk 6 wounded men are of duty 8 in the Hospital and a Number are sick in Quarters 34 of duty

The weather is fine. We go through regular routine of drills but suspended evening drills on account of the awful heat. Lieutenant Barnett has command of the regiment while Colonel Hawkins acts as General Marshal of Cavite and Lieutenant Colonel Colter of I Company acts as Provost Marshal. We furnish eleven men for guard duty and two corporals and a sergeant. Most of us took a swim in the bay either morning or night. Mail left for Hong Kong. Six wounded men are off duty. Eight are in the hospital and a number are sick in quarters, 34 off duty.