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Wednesday, April 26th, 1899

It has raigned all Night and the Morning is nice and refreshing many Battles have been fought near Malolas 5 of us had a pass to Manila I spent most of the train with my german Friend and returned to the Boat at 4 p.m. befor we went on the Train arrived from Malolas with 6 men Killed and 48 wounded and also many Rebels (wounded) all where put aboard the Hospital Ship and taken to first Reserve Hospital on Monday the same troops had lost 8 men wher Killed several drowned and 40 wounded and some wounded

It has rained all night and the morning is nice and refreshing. Many battles have been fought near Malolos. Five of us had a pass to Manila. I spent most of the train ride with my German friend and returned to the boat at 4:00 p.m. Before we went on, the train arrived from Malolos with six men killed and 48 wounded and also many rebel wounded. All were put aboard the hospital ship and taken to the First Reserve Hospital. On Monday the same troops lost eight men who were killed, several drowned and 40 wounded.