33rd Day, Jan. 28, 1945

We are now in Honolulu—about 4 a.m. It’s Sunday again. Here we are met by two fine young American officers—Lt. Knuze and Lt. Johnson. We eat our breakfast at the officers club—orange juice, waffles and coffee—all hot—a great breakfast. We are in Hickam field—a beautiful place—being lodged in a good house with bath and other modern conveniences. I take another shower—a hot one. This was the Hickam field that, was bombed and strafed by the Japs on Dec. 7—41.

I have taken a good morning nap. It’s Sunday again here—another chicken dinner as in Kwajalein.

Lt. Knuze was relieved—but another lively officer from Mississippi took his place. He took us to dinner.

We have a military car for ourselves. Here we [are] met by a girl from Baltimore—Lt. Miss Kuprez—charming and attractive.

Waipahu, Oahu, T.H. March 3, 1924

Dear Diary:

Mary and her folks had moved to Honolulu. I feel so lonely now without her. The reason why they went to Honolulu, because it’s been heard that all Filipinos must strike for higher pay. Mr. Pablo Manlapit is the leader of this strike. Mr Manlapit says that all Filipinos must strike or else there will be many hurt. So I think that’s why they left and moved to Honolulu to stay. Oh, why did this strike has to come up for. Now no one to pal with, now, I have to sleep all by myself from now on, go to school alone and I’ll have to go to shows alone. Gee, I don’t think l’ll have any more fun, now that Mary is gone. I have other friends but they’re not as close to me like Mary is. Speaking of the strike, I wonder, if Tatay [father] will go to Honolulu too. Gee, Tatya is making good here tho’ he is steadily putting money in the bank. Anyway, I’ll let you know if we do go to Honolulu. Oh Diary, before I forget, Father bought a new car. An Oakland Touring car. Boy, it’s nice to have, I mean, own a car. A friend of ours will drive it for us. And my brother will learn from him. Faustino will drive the car—l’m scared of him somehow. I do not like him.

April 5–May 31, 1899

Reached N.Y. 10 a.m. April 5th — left at noon on Black Diamond for Mauch Chunk. Went to N.Y. on 7th, returning home on 9th. To Phila on Monday 11th [Error — Monday was the 10th, and he left my house Tuesday the 11th, my son Cornelius’ 6th birthday] remaining over night with Ethan. Left at 10.45 Tuesday-morning for Chicago. Left Chicago Wednesday evening 14th [12th] for San Francisco over Central Pacific reaching S.F. 11 p.m. Saturday 16th [15th]. Pleasant trip from Omaha where met & travelled with Lt Hamilton. Mr. Thomas B. Bishop, Mr. Morse and Baron Richthofen, German Military Attaché at Tokio. Reported to Adjutant-General Lt. Col. Babcock Sunday morning & assigned to detachment of recruits going to Manila on Morgan City and in meantime to temporary duty with recruits at the Presidio. Hamilton & I dined Sunday evening with Mr. & Mrs. Bishop, very delightful people. Left San Francisco 7 p.m. 25th on Morgan City, 8 officers, 2 a.a. surgeons, & 611 men for various organizations. Lt. Col. Van Horne 18th. Inf. cmdg. Sea sick most of the way to Honolulu which place we reached 8 a.m. May 4th. Coaled and left 8.30 a.m. May 6th. Found the “Warren” there but she left on the 5th. with half the 13. Inf. the balance arriving on “Ohio” next morning as we were pulling out. Crossed 180th. meridian on morning of 11th. & dropped a day from our calendars. Have at last gotten my sea legs on. Ships coal bunkers found to be on fire on afternoon of 16th. News kept from command until the danger had passed. Spontaneous combustion, the Australian coal taken on at Honolulu being very resinous — the danger principally arising from an explosion of the gases. Port holes opened with much difficulty & the coal aired & saturated with water. Have not sighted a vessel since leaving San Francisco except in Honolulu harbor. On Friday 19th at 5 p.m. passed Assumption I’d & sighted two others further north of “Ladrones”. First land since Sandwich Ids. Sighted Philippines about 4 p.m. on 24th, encountered gale in China Sea, delaying us 24 hrs. Reached and anchored in Manila Bay 6.30 a.m. 27th. Marched recruits for 14th. to Cuartel Malate. Reported to Major Matile, Comdg Regt. on morning ofg 28th, directed to return for duty on 31st. Spent interim in Manila (Malate) making purchases & seeing old friends. Lunched on 29th with Webster at Genl. Wheaton’s Hdqrs & on 30th, together with Capt. Taylor with Sladen at Genl. Otis’.