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9 Apr. 1942

Surrendered at Lamao. Kept at Balanga all afternoon where I was questioned. Taken to Orani where I was imprisoned in mortuary. Dinner with Col. Takasaki.… Read More »9 Apr. 1942

April 5, 1942

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At about 2 p.m. Japanese barges come again. They shelled the bay area of Limay and Lamao going northward. Perhaps they’re now attempting to make… Read More »April 5, 1942

April 4, 1942

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The Japanese are trying hard to take Bataan. There are planes dominating the skies of this unfortunate Bataan province. Artillery shells reaching now as far… Read More »April 4, 1942

April 2, 1942

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There was a slight air raid this noon here in Lamao and Limay. One Japanese bomber was destroyed by our anti aircraft in Lamao. It… Read More »April 2, 1942