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April 8, 1942

The situation on Bataan is bad. Luzon Force ordered a short withdrawal last night to straighten out the line, and the first information we had of the situation this morning was to the effect that the troops had fallen back half the distance to the tip of the peninsula. Again, it was simply a case of P.A. units folding up. The 31st Division quit last night. A line was formed which was garrisoned principally by Regular Army units, including Philippine Scouts. However, the unit astride the east road quit and pulled out and left the road open. The Japs then started south again, and they are close to the area of army establishments as I write. A few AA units armed with rifles, and some constabulary, were put in at Lamao. A new line is being formed there and is holding at present (11:20 p.m.). In the meantime, we are trying to pull some units out of Bataan and move them over here tonight, for there now appears to be no doubt but that Bataan and all our troops there are doomed. If troops will not stay in position one can’t fight a battle.