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Robert W. Kentner


TOBIAS, James E., CRM, U.S. Navy, Ser. No. 380-82-90, died at 1106 this date. Cause of death: Beriberi. Remains taken to Manila by the Japanese … Read More »11-2-44


Remains of WATT taken to Manila by the Japanese for interment in Del Norte Cemetery, Bilibid Chaplain accompanied deceased. The U.S. Navy medical staff was… Read More »10-30-44


At 0730 this morning American dive-bombers were sighted over the  Manila Area. Explosions were heard about the time the air raid alarm was sounded at… Read More »10-29-44


Air alert sounded at 0810. MOORE, James G., Private first Class,  U.S. Army, ASN: 6700930, died at 0005 this date. Cause of death: Dysentery, amebic.… Read More »10-27-44


REESE, Charles Athol, Technical Sergeant, U.S. Army, ASN: 6383509, died at 0520 this date. Cause of death: Beriberi (cardiac). This man was a member of… Read More »10-24-44


At 0700 this date air alert was sounded; 0917 secure. Air alert sounded again at 1400; 1500 secure. Patient census: 591.  Camp census; 2,130.


GRIFFIN, James William, Sergeant, U.S. Army, patient in dysentery ward of this hospital, while taking a sun bath was deliberately shot by a Japanese sentry… Read More »5-19-44