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Robert W. Kentner


A large quantity of food supplies were received this date from neutral sympathizers in the City of Manila, this date. Personal messages, cards (fifty word… Read More »5-3-44


Seven (7) well prisoners brought to this camp from Naga, Camarines Sur, P.I. Routine monthly reports submitted to Japanese. Camp census 888. Patient census 466.


Memorial services commemorating those who died in the past year were held in the Bilibid cemetery. Staff and patient personnel were in attendance. Captain N.… Read More »4-30-44


Five (5) truck drivers arrived from Los Banos at 1030 this date. One hundred and fifty (150) patients and above mentioned truck drivers and medical… Read More »4-27-44


One medical officer and five hospital corpsmen, U. S. Army, arrived from Cabanatuan at 1530 this date to accompany a one hundred and fifty man… Read More »4-26-44


Two patients admitted from Port Area work detail at 1000 this date. At 1030 this date eighteen (18) patients admitted from Nielson Field. The following… Read More »4-25-44


A draft of seven (7) patients and twenty (20) well men, departed for Cabanatuan at 1430 this date. Patient census 598. Camp census l,010.


Fifteen (15) patients admitted from prisoner work detail at Clark Field at 1000 this date. Four (4) patients admitted from Pasay at 1800 this date.… Read More »4-22-44


The following named patient died at 0400 this date and was buried in the hospital plot, row four, grave twenty-two. Cause of death: Pneumonia, lobar: … Read More »4-21-44