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Robert W. Kentner


A draft, consisting of 109 patients and 22 well men (total draft: 131) departed  for Cabanatuan, at 1430 this date. Patient census 534. Camp census… Read More »4-20-44


One patient admitted from Japanese work detail at Caloocan, P.I, PARKER, R.D., SGT, USMC, who attempted escape on 4-14-44, was removed from Camp brig at… Read More »4-18-44


Movies were presented by the Japanese at 1930 this date. One antimated [animated] cartoon and the feature picture entitled “Vivacious Lady”, starring James Stewart and… Read More »4-14-44


A member of the Japanese Army Air detail was confined in the brig by the Japanese upon the recommendation of the Senior Medical Officer for… Read More »4-12-44


One U.S. Army hospital corpsman departed for Las Pinas work detail this date.