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Day 19, 10 October 1945 –Manila Bay

We pulled out into the stream at 0700 with instructions that we were to return at 1700 to embark troops.

At 1530 they signaled for the Capt. to go in and get routing instructions. He returned shortly with orders to proceed immediately to Okinawa to get Hospital patients whose hospital was destroyed by a typhoon. They sent three Doctors and 27 Medics aboard. at 1845 upped anchor and took off; at 1930, we blew the main steam line and anchored just beyond Corregidor; the chief says it will take until morning to get it repaired and get underway again.

I was going in to town, but it rained, so I stayed aboard; good thing I did, as the Chief Steward got left behind, and we have a soldier who came out to see the First Engineer, still on board

Guess they are sending us to Okinawa because we did not pull out from the pier last evening; however, it should prove interesting… another letter from Louise today.