Day 18, 9 October 1945 –Manila Bay

We came into Pier 15 at about 1300: a steel Pontoon pier; didn’t take long to debark troops.

The AAF men got into trucks, and the AGF fellows got into an LST and took off.

The Marine Shark was loading on the other side of the pier when we came in; didn’t finish until 2100; about 3500 embarked. What a busy, bustling, and noisy place this is. Trucks, jeeps, and men all hurrying and busy everywhere.

Noticed a Red Cross Girl standing on the pier, giving every person embarking on the Shark a pack of Cigs… she was smiling all the time; tho it was hot and noisy and must have been tiresome work.

Went to see the Chaplain at Base X. Poor set-up here it seems. No one knows where anything else is; he would do nothing for me, as he said “we don’t have anything to do with TC Chaplains.”

Walked part way up town just to look around. There were still lots of trucks hurrying everywhere over bad roads. Wreckage everywhere. Another letter from Louise today.

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