Jan. 30th, 1900

Tuesday–We did not go to Bacalor [Bacolor] Sunday. A considerable body of insurgents were at that place but Lieut Crawford considered that his force, with what we could send would be too small to surround & capture them & so telegraphed and go a Co. from Gwagwa [Guagua] but the niggers were warned of their approach & “vamosed” before the Co. got there. yesterday an insurgent Major gave himself up, at Bacalor [Bacolor], to our troops. I was on guard yesterday and lst night.

Dec. 3rd 1899

We left San Fernando at 6 A.M. in a Gov’t wagon with the biggest fool driving that ever drove a government mule: came through Bacalos [Bacoor] Beata & Gwagwa[Guagua] (passed near Santa Rita and Lubao) to Florida Blanca getting here about 3 P.M. Around Lubao is the best country I’ve seen. I saw natives harvesting rice today. They cut it with a knife, lay it down in bunches and then “shuck” it heads in. Troops are mobilizing here for an advance under Gen. Grant. Co. D of the 32nd was the first company here & they had to whip about 40 niggers to get in. We are quartered in a big, unfinished church.