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December 28, 1941

Spent all night in the car as we had to get back as soon as possible. We were stopped any number of times on the way south by Filipino soldiers and volunteer guards. They all questioned our identity, but not too care- fully. However, after we passed through San Fernando we came into the 57th Infantry (PS) area and I was not at all sure that we wouldn’t be shot before morning. We were stopped about every half mile, and some of these scouts certainly looked as though they had itchy trigger fingers. As it happened they did shoot one man last night who didn’t stop when he was challenged. Found the Q.M. Depot at Guagua was being discontinued, which was a surprise to me. Went on down to Gen. Parker’s Hq. and had breakfast, then talked to G-4. Again, found no complaint on status of supply. Proceeded on to Dept. Hq. and had lunch there, then talked to Dept. G-4. He said only 15 days of Class I on hand for 50,000 men. A shock to me, as Q.M. had told me we had 90 days for such a force. I questioned the statement and told him to recheck. Went back to Corregidor from Cabcaben on a Navy mosquito boat, and it was a real boat ride. Nothing eventful here on my return.