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January 2, 1942

More rain today—like apologies in California—very unusual weather. The Japs entered Manila today. I am not sure of the hour, but there have been messages indicating that the City Hall was occupied about noon. Rather an historic event. I don’t imagine their reception was too cordial. I also understand that the people were somewhat out of hand in Manila this a.m. and looting the cold stores. Of course, large quantities of meat are stored there, and it’s better for them to have it than the Japs. I hope they enjoy it. We had another air raid today, but by no means as serious as the one on the 29th. Apparently the Japs got hurt a little in the big raid and are going to be a little more cautious. They dropped a few bombs today, and there were some casualties, but the damage was negligible. The marksmanship of the batteries is improving with practice. In addition, thirty-two 50-caliber machine guns were added to the defenses since the last raid. We are busily engaged now in evacuation of stocks from Guagua and Lubao. That is rail end on the way into Bataan, and large quantities of supplies have been shipped there for removal by truck to Bataan. Our forces are now holding a line in front of Guagua until we move out all supplies there.