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George W. Pearcy


Last night more uncomforteble then ever-Even though allowed to sleep on deck-Because rain, heavy, from 3:30 A.M. to 4:30 A.M.-Capt. Sherman bitten by rat on… Read More »10/30/42


Marines given M.P. jobs-New ruling-Mess lines must form below decks-Prerents chizzlers-Menu tor days 10/20/42-10/30/48- 10/25/42-morning-rice, squash,B1, powdered fish soup noon-rice, fish, end papaya soup, boiled… Read More »10/29/42


Bad night before-Crowding on deck before breakfast-Breakfast-Steamed rice-Squash stew with powdered fish and B1 concentrate-(soy bean meal ferment-Thought that it was pig slop-Pigs on board)… Read More »10/28/42


10/27/42- Bongo at Bilibid 5:45-See King from Cabanatuen-Sent down to start yeast culture-Bilibid and yeast on Lugao for first time-Breakfast-Issue rice balls tor lunch-(Had had… Read More »10/27/42


Formation 9:30 A.M. after early lunch and giving us supper in mess kits-Baggage goes on trucks-March to Cabanatuan-Lot og guards-Constant counting by Japs-Arrive at Cabanatuan-How… Read More »10/26/42


We are not bothered here with constant association with Filipinos who consider themselves an American’s equal. — As we were on Bataan when it was… Read More »9/23/42