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Last night more uncomforteble then ever-Even though allowed to sleep on deck-Because rain, heavy, from 3:30 A.M. to 4:30 A.M.-Capt. Sherman bitten by rat on nose some time last night-I had five bowel movements and sixteen urinations last night-Swelling in feet and legs goes down slightly-Wonder to me that more people are not sick living in such filth-No baths-Perspire profusely (causes prickly heat)-Lying on mats and floor where people had walked with filthy feet-Rats-If boat had ever been to Singapore or Hong-Kong rats might be hosts for infected fleas of Bubonic plague-Learn from crew members the Erie Maru was one of transports thot took part in invasion of Java-

We have water guards (water is always valuable on board ship) and M.P.’s just as we had back st Cabanatuan-Men hare no personel cleenliness-Poor washing of mess kits-Except when donkey engines ere working-Then we can scald out gear with steam-

Problem of tea solved-Go through by company-each man in line brings 5 or more canteens-Fill canteens from 2 barrels (corned beef) not from original vat-Gives more time to make tea in vat-Take tea from vat to barrels by bucket (salted cherry) -Fill canteens by means of homemade funnels and canteen cups-Takes only 30-45 mins. by new method of getting tea for whole of forward hatch (companies 1, 2, 3, 4a, and extras-465 men in all)-Water for washing mess kits is unboiled-Directly out of tank-Way Japs dole out own food to troops and crew-Rice goes into buckets (about 5 gal.) then soup goes in about 1½ gal. pail-Fish fillets (which they had most every noon were out in dishes that looked like they were the bottom of wooden buckets-Salted cherries and other delicacies we served in little china saucers-It should be noted that all of these containers had evidently been used as a container for something else originelly-The Japs make use of everything-Note also that there were
no metal hoops on Jap barrels or pails-All were bamboo hoops-Also note that one of each of these containers went to each squad of Japs st appropriate meal or time-Not all at all meals-quantities of food given Jap troops were larger and there was more meat then given Americans-Japs used Americen KP’s both in their own kitchens forward on ship and at troop mess-Jap supervisors and cooks however-All Americens getting filthy-B.O. terrific-can’t wash-Quarters restricted-Perspire-Lie down to sleep snywhere-Men ran around barefooted-Make themselves more prone to infection-Legs puff up-General infections and sores on body get worse-Latrines-Filth around them-Men who can not control bowels-Enlisted men walk around whole areas barefooted-latrines squirted out twice dally with hose by Japs-Note should be mede of sick call in holds-Large numbers on sick call in holds-No one wears any more clothing than necessary-I wear only khaki shorts-Diarrhea cause may be excess water-too much fat or introduction of too much protein too rapidly into diet-Menus since leaving Cabanatuan-

10/26/42- Morning-lugao, yeast ,rice, coffee,
Noon-rice, camote, soup
Evening-rice, boiled camote (to carry-I promptly ate the camote)

Bilibid-12:00 midnight-rice,mutton, and green stew-(it should be noted at this point how thin our
soups were at Cabantuan-a normal stew or soup such as we experienced st Bilibid or Daveo-for first few meels-looked very thick to us)

10/27/42-Morning-lugao( only)
Noon-rice ball-Bilibid
Evening-rice, squash stew, corned beef, (on boat)

Notes-When I left Cabanatuan the status of the roster of the
Second Observation Squadron wes: 5 officers dead, enlisted