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Formation 9:30 A.M. after early lunch and giving us supper in mess kits-Baggage goes on trucks-March to Cabanatuan-Lot og guards-Constant counting by Japs-Arrive at Cabanatuan-How town looked-Get beggage-Rain-Constant drizzle-during march-No cases of heat prostration-Packed into box cars-Make-up of train-Guards in box-cars with us-Only three to a box-car-Rest in coaches benind box-cars (5 boxcars-3 coaches) -Japs take own packs-Jap soldier like packhorse or Christmas-Guards in cars very congenial-Give out cigarettes-They are former recruits that we watched being trained st Cabanatuan-Got into boxcar about 3:30 P.M.-Trip-Cramped Did our legs no good-Arrive at Tondo station about 9:30 P.M-Formation-Bango on platform-March to Bilibid-Manila-Lack of traffic-Must be curfew-Practically no pedestrians on street-Funny looxing contraptions with auto wheels and tires and pushed by two men-Act as buses-Lack of motor transportation-Even very small numbers of Celasias [calesas] or Escarraga [Azcarraga]-Accomodations at Bilibid-In old hospital bldg.-on third floor-Midnight meal-Rice-Mutton and greens stew-Very greasy-Pinelly get to bed on concrete floor at 2:30 A.M. 10/27/42-

Notes: Boxcar size-9.97 meters x2.7 x2.4(high)-73 men on boxcar-Bays on boat-Approximately 10 ft. × 15 ft. (150 sq.ft.) to sleep 25 men-Strew mats approximately 3aft. x 6 ft.-3 men plus one extre to a mat-8 mats to a bay-4 forward and 4 back-Hold is approximetely 50x60x10 ft. (465 men) Note upper and lower bays-No ventilator because it was freight hatch-Note-These things all took place in Tropics-Makes accomodations even more unbearable.