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10/27/42- Bongo at Bilibid 5:45-See King from Cabanatuen-Sent down to start yeast culture-Bilibid and yeast on Lugao for first time-Breakfast-Issue rice balls tor lunch-(Had had rice and boiled Camote issued at Cabanatuan to carry tor supper)-Everyone looking for and meeting old friends-“I see Solon (2’nd Obs. ), Wills, Mazur-And just as we were about to leave see Augur-They All complain of monotonous diet-They get very little vegetables-Meat twice a week-Description of hospital-Third floor incomplete-Sneddon is sick with “shits” and with infected foot-He is given 20 tablets (7½ gr.) sulphathiazol by one of the men of 2’nd Obs. Sqd. who is there for recuperative purposes-Line up for final Bango near gate-Comissary-Friends run from line up to Comissary and back again-Get bananas-Cans of fish-Cigarettes-Sugar coated peanuts-All at more reasonable prices then prevailed at Cabanatuan-

Leave Bilibid about 8:30 A.M. and march to port area (pier 7) via Escaraga [Azcarraga], Queson [Quezon] Blvd., Queson [Quezon] Bridge across Pasig Burgos, Dewey Blvd., 16’th to port area to pier 7-Try to march around Manila Hotel along ocean front-Have to turn beck and march around behind-March into pier 7 itself-Description of pier 7-Longest covered pier in world-Towards west end appeared burned-And bomb hole in roof-Bent steel beams-Unloading hoists in west end unable to operate-None of them look as if they had been used-No freight in pier at all-Fusilage of light bomber only thing in pier-As we had marched into port ares we saw large number of
soldiers and sailors who were living therein building in front of pier 7-They are repair (marine) end loading end unloading detail-

We sit in shade inside pier for about two hours-Take off packs rest, smoke, (butts), and finally eat rice balls bout 12:30 P.M. About 1:00 P.M. we are gotten up with many “OYS” by guards and the Jep Lt. said “We were shown to our cabins”-

Things to note: More motor traffic on the streets as we marched along streets toward port area-Crowds lined along curbs as we marched in street-Carrying all baggage except some had heaviest items put on pile to be hauled back at Bilibid-Notable that many Filipinos would give a “V” for victory sign-All of them appeared to be solemn faced aggregation-They now appreciate the American rule-Description of boat-March up gangplank-Across deck-By galley (where I stole a piece of squash and three salted cherries as long es there were no
Japs around)-And then we march down stairs into hold-Dump baggsge into bays (see previous description of dimensions)-Double deck bays, grass mats, pile of life preservers in middle of floor-No name showing on boat as we came aboard-Only number 584-Such as all Jap transports are numbered-later on found out that this was former British S.S. Erie and sold to the Japs for junk-Now named “Erie Maru” as the two boats that Americans had been brought to Manila from Corregidor were named-“Hokko Maru” which I was on, and “Shanke Maru”-

Things to note about “Erie Maru”: Large amounts of supplies on deck-Camouflage-

About 5:30 P.M. we are fed first meal on board-Rice, squash stew, corned beef,-pretty good sized helping of corned beef-Note-According to count 2000 American were fed while actually there were only 1000 on board-Chizzlers-Some men got as much as 5’ths while none of our company even got seconds-Things to note-Problem
of order-Lines for feeding-For tea-Which is going to be our drinking liquid during trip-Custom on Jap boats not to drink water only tea-

Things of note: Group 3-Cabanatuan-Lugao Lane, McDougall BIvd., Maiden Lane, Canal Street (path by big ditch by latrines), Drizzle Drive(path to Latrine), Quan Court, Rumor Row, Snafu St.-

Notes on hike-Cabanatuan looked like no reconstruction had been done since Philippine army had retreated through town and had done their best to observe “scorched earth” policy-Large amounts of corrugated galvanized iron roofing and charred remains of wooden buildings all untouched and in their original positions-Hike-Feet hurt-Get stiff-Legs swell-Muscles get hard and stiff-Worst was march to port area with baggage-Concrete floor felt like inner spring mattress after bamboo slats at Cabanatuan-Guards genial-Youngsters-Continually Giving away cigarettes-On hike wes first time that I had ever seen Jap soldier on duty-Evidently they hod been given something like route step because all guards seemed to be smoking-On boat we found high type Jap soldier and sailor-Of course even in their most genial and relaxed mood a Jap doesn’t seem to be able to be free from roughness and disdain of weakness-They continually beat stragglers and weak sisters-They don’t seem to realize that by beating a weak man they are only weakening him still further and not exciting him to greater efforts-