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We are not bothered here with constant association with Filipinos who consider themselves an American’s equal. — As we were on Bataan when it was announced that the Filipinos would have pay & grade equivilent — This does not apply to the Scouts — They are fine soldiers and have got rid of the natural begging, whining, presumptious nature of the Filipino. — To-day the 9/23/42 the Marine who escaped on the wood chopping detail on 9/21/42 was returned to Camp — He was beaten horribly even though he said that he was going to Camp III — These Japs sure know the art of scientific beating — He was later sentenced to confinement in the American Guardhouse for the remainder of his Prisoner of War confinement. — There have been no shootings of escapees since the first 6 who were not escaping but going outside the fences and returning with things to sell after seeing some women (rumor says that the women were Filipino wives or were shacked up with these men before the war — We saw about an equivalent number of women (six) marched up the road the same day as the Americans were executed)