Saturday February 3, 1565

The ships left the island of the Ladrones for the Islas Filipinas with Divine Help, Jaime Martinez Fortun and Diego Martin, co-pilots of the ship almiranta, the latitude taken by them in the course of their trips from the port of Navidad to this island has been according to the table used in the city of Sevilla. 0

Wednesday, 17 January 1565

Our day’s run was 36 leagues west. After midday the Governor ordered the pilots to get together to see how much each one had charted the distance from the port of Navidad. And they decided to go at 13 degrees. We headed northwest. I found myself at that hour 1,670 leagues from the port of Navidad. The wind was from …

Tuesday, 9 January 1565

At around dawn, the flagship fired a shot, a sign that they had seen land. We saw, a small, low island and it seemed to me it was 1 1/2 league from north to south…. We dropped anchor at 145 brazas deep. The flagship and the almiranta came but they were not able to anchor. At midday, I  measured, the …

8 January 1565

Till 8 in the morning we had run 14 leagues and at that time we approached the almiranta and they fired a shot because, at the turn south, they thought they had sighted land and so the flagship and the rest of the ships sailed swiftly to the turn south till 6 or 7 in the afternoon and the ships …

31 December 1564

… End of December. The day’s run was 35 leagues; we were 1160 leagues from Navidad. 0

23 December 1564

…that night I found that we were 895 leagues from the port of Navidad. 0

21 November 1564

We departed from the port of La Navidad on two ships, a galliot, a patax, and a covered boat. The flagship was named San Pedro, of 500 tons more or less; the chief pilot, Esteban Rodriguez, resident of Huelva, and accompanied by Pierres Plin, French; as maestre, Martin de Ybarra, resident of Bilbao; contra maestre, Francisco de Tibaribia. The almiranta …

Tuesday, 21 November 1564

We left the port of Navidad to go to the islands of the West by order of our Captain General. We sailed southeast with the winds calm. 0

Monday 20 November 1564

In the year of our Savior Jesus Christ 1564, Monday 20 November at almost midnight. From the port of Navidad coast of Nueva España on the sea they call South Sea, two heavy ships and two pataxes the General of which is the Illustrious Señor Miguel López de Legazpi departed in the hope of success for the Islands of the …