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Tuesday, 9 January 1565

At around dawn, the flagship fired a shot, a sign that they had seen land. We saw, a small, low island and it seemed to me it was 1 1/2 league from north to south…. We dropped anchor at 145 brazas deep. The flagship and the almiranta came but they were not able to anchor. At midday, I  measured, the sun at 10 degrees. Today, the captain went ashore and said that the Indios of this island were good natured and wore beards; the women extremely beautiful, they wore clothes made of very fine palm, of which they also made mats. The island was wild; had many coconuts and other kinds of fruits with which they sustained themselves. There were chickens such as those from Castilla; the Indios were fishermen; they had beautiful boats and they made their hooks from coconut shells and oyster shells; They said that there were 200 persons there. This island is at a latitude of 10 degrees. At this hour, I found we were 1396 leagues from Navidad….