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Tuesday, 23 January 1565

On Tuesday, 23 January, we anchored at the western band, in the middle of the island at 12 brazas, a very fine place for anchoring. This is the form of this island: (figure) At the western part, there are good anchoring places; there is potable water and many people living along the coast. It runs at the western part north northeast south southwest. At the south there is a small island; from this island there is a shoal that extends until the big island. There are in this island many people who are good natured; go about naked; the women cover their private parts with leaves of herbs; their weapons are lances with sharp ends that penetrate, round shields and slingshots and stones which they brought in a esportilla made of palm which served as a shield. They are treacherous and distrustful. They have much rice, yams, sweet potatoes, bananas, sugar cane, fruits and many coconuts and fish. They came out to the ships to trade with us on their paraos, 6 or 8 natives in each boat and they were so fast at the oars that no galley could overtake them. Of these paraos they have a great number. All their goods are exchanged for nails. We were on this island getting water and provisions for eleven days. I measured the sun at 13 1/3 degrees and we left and continued our voyage.