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16 May 1792

On the 16th our position at noon was latitude 16°38′55″ and longitude 0°54′26″; Namapacan Point bore N52°E, San Fernando Point S35°E, and Santo Tomás Point S25°E.

At four o’clock in the afternoon, having confirmed the position of San Fernando Point, in the northernmost part of Lingayen Gulf, we then altered course for Cape Bolinao. At five o’clock we sighted the islet of that name5 and soon afterwards the cape, whose bearing at half past six was S70°E, two to three leagues distant.

We tacked all night, hoping to be close to the point by dawn. The night, although it did not look very promising, gave us no cause for alarm. At daybreak we were well placed and, with a fresh NE breeze we steered for Balingasay Point, the northernmost point of the Zambales Coast. At half past seven we began measuring bases and taking observations for longitude on the meridian of the point.