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Manilla, Saturday, Dec. 2d. [1848]

To-day I had my baggage brought on shore. It hud to go through the custom-house, and several boxes of tooth-powder were detained, us if it had been poison. I received a note from the officers, stating that the boxes would remain in their possession till Monday, when they wished me to call. My pistols they did not discover; but my trunks were pretty thoroughly overhauled.

After dinner I went to ride with Mr. M. in the Calzada ; just at sunset we saw numbers of the Mestizos, standing by the way-side, facing towards the city, and crossing themselves, as if the bells that were chiming had commanded them to stop and observe vespers. Our postillion (an Indian) stopped the carriage a few minutes also, took off his hat, and crossed himself. Others of the Spanish people did the same. On our way home we stopped, and for half an hour promenaded the Washington-street of Manilla. We passed several times the night-patrols, a body of mounted men in military uniforms. Armed guards are constantly stationed about the streets, gates, bridges, &c. At eight p. w. we formed a party, Mr. N. acting as guide, to ride out to see the illumination, previous to the feast, which takes place to-morrow.