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Friday, July 25, 1861

Land from the ship’s boat. Present letter to Messrs. Russell and Sturgis. “Prospect” for quarters at the French and San Fernando hotels. First one full, second one has a spare rat hole. Stroll down toward the lighthouse. Drop into Comprador Yates’s, inquire the price of eggs and take tiffin with barque, whose sailors sang “Nancy,” the night we won and lost at Java Head. P.M. Take a carriage and ride alone, being unable to direct my Indian driver to the French Hotel, for Mr. West- a young man just out via Boston from Springfield, Ill. He is to enter the employ of Russell and Sturgis. Go to the Calzada and enjoy the cool sea breeze while surf and band make ‘music for the milieu.’ This is a feast day. Reach hotel again at half past 8, and at 9 o’clock hide in my San Fernando rat hole for the night.