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January 2-10, 1897

In this barrio of M. (Manantal) my brother, my brother-in-law and I saw each other again. I don’t know where my other comrades had sought refuge. On this day the Spaniards burned Pulong Gubat and Santol (Bigaa). We went to Kakaron. I saw Maestro Sebio and the other comrades. At dawn we proceeded to Garay (Norzagaray). Here, the comrades who were tired, rested for a while. These days I tried to take things in stride specially so when I learned about the execution of my uncle L. We went to Matiktik (Garay) where we found people friendly to us. Later we went to Layang-Layang (San Rafael), but left, because we had to return to Garay at midnight to rescue the municipal captain. This official ordered the burning of the town in order to escape responsibilities with the Spanish government. The municipal captain joined us.