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Wednesday, May 25th, 1898

Ariving at San Francisco at 8 o clock we marched of the Boat unstrapped our Knapsacks and stacked Arms and marched in to a great Dining Room where we where recieved by the Ladies of the Red Cross Society wich threated us to a fine Breakfast we all ate to our Hearts content and filled our Haversacks with Cakes and Fruit of all Kind and Coffee in our Canteen the also just covered us with Flowers all over after returning our thanks to the Ladies and giving them our Hearty cheers wich where good many we shouldered our Knapsacks and Gun and marched out to Camp Merrit wich is about 5 Miles and is situated about 3 Miles from the Ocean and the Fortes all along the Route we where cheered and ariving at Camp we pitched our tentes in less then one hour during wich time the good people amused themself by throwing Oranges at us continuous of course we catched them all and Kept them for a rainy day

Arriving at San Francisco at 8:00 a.m. we marched off the boat, unstrapped our knapsacks and stacked arms and marched into a great dining room where we were received by the ladies of the Red Cross Society who treated us to a fine breakfast. We all ate to out hearts’ content and filled our haversacks with cakes and fruit of all kinds and coffee in our canteen. They also covered us with flowers all over. After returning our thanks to the ladies and giving them our hearty cheers which were a good many, we shouldered our knapsacks and guns and marched out to Camp Merritt which is about five miles and is situated about three miles from the ocean and the forts. All along the route we were cheered and upon arriving at camp we pitched out tents in less than an hour during which time the good people amused themselves by throwing oranges at us continuously. Of course we caught them all and kept them for a rainy day.