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June 28, 1898

The weather was calm and fair. Drill and school 11.30 am. We sighted land and a steamer off the coast at 2 pm. At 3 the ‘Baltimore’ came up to us and hove to. We were stopped for an hour while the officers went aboard ‘Baltimore’ for another council of war. We started again at 4 p.m. and passed the Bashee Straits at 5 p.m. At sunset we passed into the China Seas, the sunset being a very beautiful sight. Later that evening we saw a representation in the clouds of the Philippines with a lady on one side (Queen of Spain) and John Bull on the other, with a bear in the centre. A short way off was an eagle perched on a bluff, quite contented looking. john Bull had a threatening attitude towards the bear; the lady looked troubled, while Uncle Sam was standing with his arms folded, quietly enjoying the situation. The ‘Baltimore’ then went ahead. We could see thousands of sharks and porpoises around the ships.