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Saturday, November 12th, 1898

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Wind and rain storm last night, and during a large part of this day. Slacked up a little this afternoon. Tonight weather is wild. Busy day for me. All days are.

Commenced with prayer & bible reading. Went to town in the forenoon. Bought Vol. 1 bound of Spanish account of the Philippine insurrection. Rec’d a letter from Private A. Waterman asking me to call & see him. Went after dinner out to San Miguel, saw him at his company barracks. Troubled with the mumps. Prayed with him. Private Hines of the Montana reg’t accompanied me. Waterman paid me $6. Mex; his 1/10. Private D. C. Hines also paid me $10 gold, 1/10 part is for arrears from last month. Glory to God.

After praying with Watermann we walked over to the General Hospital across the Pasig & saw Privates Berry of the Montana and Private A. Pines of the South Dakota. Conversation on religious lines then kneeled down & prayed with them.

I bought a bound book, History of the Philippine Insurrection – Spanish a/c Vol. I. No 2d volume out & may never be. Dealt with other soldiers personally about their souls.

Rec’d a letter from Capt. W. H. Whiting of the “Monadnock” granting permission to hold service on his vessel.

Major O. Hara of the 3d Reg’t Artillery, regular, called. Expressed himself very friendly. Said I am one of the 3d artillery boys because I came over with them on the “Newport”. The Major is a Roman Catholic. Said Father Doughty who accompanied Gen’l Merritt to Manila, said I was one of the best Christians or men outside of his Church that he was acquainted with. If there is any good in me at all, unto God be the glory for I am nothing of myself.

The One Tenth League is proving a great assistance to me, glory to my King.

Newspapers state the Philippines will be retained by the United States. – Water is flooding the street – Sta. Elena.