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Monday, Dec. 19th, 1898

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Cool & hot alternatively. Light shower.

Cooked breakfast & washed dishes, then started in to complete my war – Salvation & otherwise narrative for the War Cry – Wrote 7 pages. Ms. Also wrote & copied a letter to Lt.-Col. Wm Evans to send with it.

Visitors today 10.

About 3.15p.m. started out. Mailed the letter & War Cry copy.

Then away to 2d Reserve Hospital. Asked the dear Lord in prayer not to let me be disappointed again. Met Capt. F. R. Keefer in his office. Treated me very kindly, said he would be glad to have us hold services once a week. The day was made Tuesday & place the dining room. The surgeon in charge also gave me an order to bring help along with me – i.e. pass the sentry at the gate.

Got back late to No. 2. Soon after I arrived U.S. soldiers commenced to arrive. Cooked supper & ate thereof while Private Frank Amie led the meeting, the first of its kind in Manila. I came in about the close & closed it with prayer. Tried to get Landsburger to Jesus, is backslidden.

The article sent to the S.F. War Cry today, was divided into the following subheads: “Dewey’s Terrors”, “The S.A. in Strange Environments”, “Born Symptoms”, “Swearing in Recruits”, “Polynesian Salvationists”, “Dead Heads”, “Inside the Insurgent Lines”, and “Summary”