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Thursday, Jan. 5th, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Weather cool for this country. After breakfast was cooked, eaten & dishes washed, straightened up some matters then climbed on a street car as time pressed & called at the post office. Secured & signed for the registered letter addressed to Private Frank Amie, bought stamps & mailed 4 letters. Wrote one.

Remained at home during the afternoon as I feel tired & run down. Several comrades dropped in. Had 3 or 4 little prayer meetings with them. The troops are kept very close in their quarters; some cannot cross the street from their barracks without first securing a pass. Rumor says the Filipinos intended to rise inside Manila last Tuesday night, but a priest gave the plan away & the sudden call to quarters of the American troops upset their plans to destroy the foreigners. In some regiments troops slept all night with their clothes on. Our men are ready for an instant call to arms & there is evidently good reason for it, as all signs are now pointing to war with the insurrects. I am extremely averse to seeing it come. May God direct. Amen.

El Presidente Emilio Aguinaldo, who with his cabinet wanted peace has resigned and the war party is in power. This evening’s Manila Daily “Times” gives the new government as follows: President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Senor Mabini (fire eater) Minister of Interior – Senor Landigo; Minister of War, Senor Baldomero – Aguinaldo (brother of ex-President Aguinaldo) Minister of Finance, Senor Trias; Minister of Public Instruction, Senor Gracio Gonzaga.

The Times yesterday p.m. published an extra giving the text of the address to the Filipinos. I bought a copy for 10 cts. Mex. The wording is remarkably smooth but means much – the assumption of government of the Philippine archipelago. We are in the swim now – the U.S.

Ex-Rev. David Brown took his baggage away today.

Visitors at No. 2, 8.

Wrote some copy for the San Francisco War Cry.

Got shaved in a Spanish barber shop. Am shaved twice a week, usually by the dons.