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Friday, Jan. 6th, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Cool weather comparatively cloudy. Feeling run down I have kept quiet the past 2 or 3 days. Remained home during the forenoon. Cooked breakfast and supper – washed dishes.

Wrote copy for the War Cry – my experiences. Also did some reading in Winchell’s Geology. Days fly so swiftly that one marvels at the little accomplished.

After dinner visited the post office, no mail. Also called at No. 4 Elizondo Calle, Quiapo, to see Senor J. Arevalo, a dentist, the gentleman – a mestizo – who asked me for a bible on the Cavite ferry. Today was some kind of a Spanish holiday, stores were closed & business to a large extent suspended. I did not get to see Arevalo. Would like much to see him converted thro’ the power of Christ.

Rev. & Mrs. Chas Owens have been out on the bay today. Returning home this evening they brought word that they heard women & children will probably be removed either inside the walls of Old Manila or else out to transports in the bay. It is feared there will be an uprising of natives in Manila. These rumors are disquieting to both soldiers and civilians. My trust is in God. He is my refuge in time of trouble.

The 1st California troops are still lying in the bay on 6 small steamers. This regiment disgraced itself the night of embarkation. Whole companies, including noncommissioned & commissioned officers were drunk, said Rev. Owens & swearing & fighting among themselves. I saw salons filled with them – drinking & swearing. A Filipino referring to their conduct remarked that America sent its worst representatives & not its best for the natives to consider.

After dark held the usual weekly holiness meeting in No. 2. Audience 12, I was agreeably surprised to see so many. The troops are kept close to or inside their barracks awaiting developments.

Sent out War Crys for force distribution: 1st Tennessee Vols. Inf. 11 No 572, 6 No. 573 & 3 No. 574. 20th Kansas Vol. Inf., 3 No. 572, 1 No. 573 & 6 No. 574. Washington Vol. Inf., 20 No. 572, 3 No. 573 & 3 No. 574.