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Thursday, Jan. 19th, 1899

Cavite, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Out of bed early, prayed, read Bible lesson & cooked breakfast & walked down to the Pasig quay & bought a ticket to Cavite. Left on the 8.30a.m. ferry boat. Mr. Sterhling, one of the proprietors of the Corregidor Island ferry boat, asked me to go over to the Island next Sunday.

At Cavite called on the photographers belonging to the Tennessee Vol. Inf. brass band, down in the Navy Yard. Left 2 films with them to be developed & got a bid on my work. Prices: developing & film with 12 or less number of exposures $1 U.S. coin: each print 8 cents U.S. coin if taken in lots of 50.

Took dinner at Mr. Silver’s American restaurant. He usually charges nothing. Knocks off part of usual price when he does charge.

Purchased some shells for my collection.

Spoke to several men personally about salvation on the boat at Cavite.

Arriving in Manila & at No. 2 found a package of Kodak prints awaiting me from Hongkong, China. These prints were made by Yong Seng. No. 35 Queen’s Road East. I was charged $9.20 mex for 92 prints. I furnishing the negatives. Received 92 prints. The underdeveloped films sent by me were returned underdeveloped.

Also found a note on my table from D. G. Hall. Co. F. 1st Nebraska Vol. Inf. offering purchase my gramophone.

Visiting 4 at No. 2 Calle Santo Elena.

C. E. Gothon of Co. M. 2d Oregon Vol. Inf. called after supper & donated $1 Mex to me & $5 to Rev. Owens.

The strained situation has been greatly relieved. The U.S. soldiers are getting out of their barracks again, although with limited leave of absence. Can’t go far from their quarters. I was told that Aguinaldo has thrown the country open to travelers who want to visit the interior. No passes are required.

Possibly war will be averted after all. I hope to the Lord that such will be the case.